How long does labyrinthitis last?

After you figure out what is wrong with you, since this is not a common or typical illness, the next question you will usually have is “how long does labyrinthitis last?” Or how long does labyrinthitis take to go away?

Well, for most people it will take 2-3 weeks. Like a cold, it will run it’s course and then you will be back to normal.

However, there are some people where it lasts longer. In fact, much longer.

For myself, it lasted about 7 months until I finally took matters into my own hands.

But, I remember when I first came down with “labs”. The first doctor I saw said “about 2 weeks” referring to when it would go away.

Well, after 2 weeks, it did go away. I was beyond thrilled! It was a horrible illness. Unlike anything I ever experienced before. I went from thinking I was having a heart attack to thinking I had a brain tumor to finally figuring out what labyrinthitis is.

I was fine for around 10 days, and then the symptoms came back. I couldn’t believe it. All those weird feelings came back and my joy at getting over “labs” quickly faded.

This is when I started going to other doctors. One was more interested in giving me tests to see if I was dizzy from blocked arteries. I remember taking tests for over an hour. Hey, when I saw the insurance bill, the doctor charged an arm and a leg for all those tests and I’m sure the insurance companies paid her well.

The thing is, it was clear she didn’t know much about this illness. But after about 10 more days with the symptoms, the labyrinthitis went away again.

Again I returned to normal. The dizziness was gone. The ear pain – gone. Headaches- gone. The weird anxiety – gone.

For about 2 weeks I was fine again. And then…

It returned again.

It went off and on like this for about 7 months. I was not one of the lucky ones.

I’ve read of people having symptoms for years. It really does a number on your psyche. Your mental state declines and people think you have gone a little crazy. It’s hard to understand if you haven’t gone through it.

I figured 7 months was enough time for my labyrinthitis to last. I always had a huge interest in nutrition and health and it was time to put it to the test to help myself.

Another doctor, whom I saw twice within a month’s time because the symptoms went away and returned, told me “So you have a little vertigo, get on with my life”.

He was a perfectly nice guy, but it just goes to show you that he didn’t understand what I was going through. I’ll bet your doctor does not either. It also showed that he really didn’t understand or have much experience with the illness.

So when you ask, “how long does labyrinthitis last?” I hope the answer will be about 2 weeks for you. But if not, you can always do the same things I did for my own labyrinthitis treatment.


I had labyrinthitis for 7 months until I took matters into my own hands. I used my knowledge of traditional nutrition to help end labyrinthitis. I documented and organized exactly what I did in my e-book, dizzy no more. Other than that I'm an artist, business owner, and in my down time I actually watch videos on history for fun. Love the guys at Crash Course

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