Do You Need To Get Your Life Back
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How a 37 Year Old Man Cured Himself of Labyrinthitis
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I have recovered from my horrible long ordeal with viral labyrinthits (or vestibular neuritis), and I am going to share with you exactly how I did it so you can use the same methods.

cure labyrinthitisAs you know, viral labyrinthitis is an inner ear infection that affects your balance and a whole host of other things in your body. This is not an ear infection like the type young children get. This is a lot worse and more complicated.

I am one of the people who didn’t recover in just a couple of weeks. I was one of the unlucky few who suffered for months.

If you have had this illness for too long – meaning months…

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Didn’t I go to the doctor you may wonder? Sure. But there are many horror stories online of people going to different doctors and getting many different opinions.

Frankly this is a mysterious illness and most doctors do not have a very good background in it.

The doctor – who I saw twice told me to “get on with my life”…and that was the “good” doctor.

I won’t even tell you about the horrific experience with the first doctor I saw.

So, here is what I did…

I used my knowledge of health and nutrition, of which I have studied intensely for over 6 years, and put it to the test to get rid of this horrible illness.

The things I did passed that test with flying colors, and I want to make it available for you to use as well. If the person suffering is either you or someone you know, I am going to give you the exact steps I took to recover from this illness.

When I really started following this information – my recovery kicked into high gear and got back to normal in what seemed like no time at all.

For 7 months I suffered with the weirdest symptoms I have ever experienced. I know what you are going through. See if you have been suffering with any of the following…

  • Panic and anxiety attacks
  • Headaches in the back of my head
  • A feeling of tightness in my upper chest
  • Feelings of pins and needles in the back of my head
  • ear pain
  • pains in my arms
  • Muscle spasms around my jaw
  • Electric shock type jolts in my neck
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness in my legs
  • A feeling of pin pricks all over my body

And all those symptoms were related to my illness.

This illness also makes you go into depression because of the things you are unable to do, like

  • not being able to play with my young boys (2 and 3 years old)
  • not being able cook, which I love to do
  • I couldn’t work much at all
  • I couldn’t go anywhere with my family and enjoy time with them
  • Forget about playing sports. Golf was surely out of the question.

And you really begin to wonder, “will I ever be back to normal? Will I ever be the old me?” And this of course just leads to more depression.

Well, I can tell you exactly what I did. And it’s not anything super difficult or out of the ordinary.

So What Methods Did I Use To Recover?
  • I used special nutritional supplements and vitamins daily
  • My diet was supplemented with special ingredients that is available at most supermarkets
  • I performed daily exercises that I actually enjoyed doing, and continue to do today because it’s make me healthier, not because I have to.

My method did not involve any anti vertigo drug like meclizine. I did take bonine once (which is a generic version of an anti vertigo drug) and it did nothing for me.

You are probably asking, “What did you take? What supplements and ingredients did you use so I can try it for myself?”

Well, I have detailed everything…not only what I use, but How I use them in a new PDF e-book I have made for you called:

Dizzy No More – The 7 Natural Secrets I Used to Beat Labyrinthitis and Vertigo

labyrinthitis treatment

If You Don’t Want to Pay For This Information

Some people have written to me and told me that I shouldn’t charge money for this information and I should just give it all away.

If you are one of those people, I am sorry. I understand how you can feel frustrated, but go to your local drug store to get some cough medicine or anti pain medication like tylenol. See if they will just give it to you for free.

Haven’t you ever purchased a book before to improve yourself? Didn’t you ever want some information the author claimed to have? This is no different.

I understand these may be hard economic times, so I have made the price of this e-book very affordable. If you would not pay around $30 for your health, then perhaps you are not that concerned by this illness and did not have it to the extent I had it.

Example: If you have had it for 2 weeks and can still do things like go food shopping, drive your car, etc. You are not who I am really talking to here.

Plus, It takes time to write an e-book, and compile the information into a useable format. It’s a book, and to get a book, costs a little bit of money. It also costs money to operate the website.

What Makes Me An Expert, I’m Not a Doctor

No, I’m not a doctor at all. I don’t claim to be. I only claim that I used my knowledge of nutrition and health (which I learned from years of research and study from many books I purchased. As well as books, I have paid to join organizations devoted to the topics of nutrition and health.)

What makes me an expert on viral labyrinthitis and vertigo is that I suffered from it. I have firsthand experience. The 2 doctors I went to, have NEVER had this illness so they didn’t know what I was going through.

I’ll bet most of you reading this…your doctors have never been through it either.

I have studied much longer on the topics of nutrition and health than most doctors have. In their long education, believe it or not, they are not required to study that long on nutrition.

The amount of time I have, on my own, studied nutrition intensely – would put them to shame.

I am a big believer in natural healing and curing of illnesses, so if that appeals to you, you will like my e-book.

If you have only been suffering from this illness for a week or so and are looking for a pill that will magically cure you, like you think tylenol cures a headache, don’t buy my e-book.

What Happened to Me After I Started Following the Information in My E-Book?

After I started doing the things this e-book tells you how to do, I noticed longer periods where I had no symptoms at all…

…I felt normal again.

The episodes of dizziness, and some other symptoms like some headaches would return, but less frequently, for a shorter period of time, and not be as bad when they did return. I would continue doing my natural treatment, and those sick feelings would go away again, very shortly.

When I really started to use the information as a daily regimen, my recovery went into overdrive. And now I am back to over 99% normal.

Yes, I am back to being myself! How I felt before I got this illness.

The excitement and pleasure I take from life now is much greater because I know how precious it is. Unfortunately I had to have this illness to see it more clearly.

I can be a father again and play with my kids, enjoy special time with my wife, and friends, and just enjoy life.

A list of things I did this week that I could not do when I had labyrinthitis include…

  • Take my son to after-school baseball
  • Take a relaxing walk by the river with my wife
  • Take my son to school in the morning and grab a bite to eat with other parents
  • Rough House playing with both my boys

And that’s just off the top of my head

Ok, your e-book is in PDF Format and you can download it after placing your order. It will work on a Windows PC or MAC computer.

After you place your order I will receive a notification email that you have ordered. Your order will be processed and an email receipt will be sent to you along with your e-book. This may take a couple of hours (and if it is nightime on the east coast of the U.S. when you order, it will take longer, naturally).

The Report is only $29.95 for now. (I intend to try a higher price point shortly) and is a fast read. You wont find any filler material here. Unless you consider a detailed account of what happened to me and what I did to get over it, filler material.

So, you have a choice to make.

You can get the straight advice from someone who actually suffered from this illness (mine started right after valentines day 2008) and got over it, get the exact information on HOW I did it, or you can…

…Think about it, keep going with whatever you are doing now, or just suffer more when you don’t have to.

I hope you choose to follow my lead.

Order your copy below, download it – very easy to do even for computer newbies – read it quickly (it’s a 1 sitting read) and start using the information.

I want you to be satisfied with the material so there is a 60 day guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, let me know and your money will be refunded. You will even get to keep the report. (It is 50 pages short)

Dizzy No More

labyrinthitis treatment

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P.S. Remember, I take all the risk; you risk nothing. You’re 100% protected. Not only do you get your report, but you’re buying on your credit card. You know that you have nothing to lose at all, so go ahead and try the e-book today.

P.P.S. Also remember that the low $29.95 price is only guaranteed while I am conducting the pricing test.